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Lure of the Labyrinth

* Lure of the Labyrinth * In the world of “Lure of the Labyrinth”, students (players) progress through three sections, or rather  “wings.” Each one is related to a different maths strand that is part of the typical pre-algebra curriculum. Proportions (including fractions and ratios), Variables and Equations, Number and Operations (including geometry, order of …

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Steno Arcade

* Steno Arcade * Early Access, FTP game that aims to teach steno (shorthand) and keyboard typing basics via game-mechanics. While Steno Arcade is designed to be played with a steno machine, it can also be looked at as a traditional typing game that can be played with any standard keyboard. A NKRO (N-key rollover) …

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Wilty – language tutoring in VR

* Wilty – language tutoring in VR * Software to learn new languages by meeting the tutor in a VR-environment. Witly offers personal language tutoring for free. Just schedule your lesson with a teacher and meet him face-to-face, even if they live on the other side of the world. Due to VR-equipment players can enjoy …

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Life is game – for autistic persons (Life is a Game – para pessoas com autismo)

* Life is game – for autistic persons * The ability of socially and emotionally impaired individuals to recognize and respond to emotions conveyed by the face is critical to improve their communication skills. The LIFEisGAME project attempts to show how it is possible to apply a pioneer serious game approach to teach people with …

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The mad baker (The most awesome female Baker of all times)

* The mad baker (The most awesome female Baker of all times) * This game is an exemplar of Portuguese culture, about a remarkable event of Portuguese history, having in a real and faithful way the Aljubarrota bakery history defeating the Spanish. More information on the game is available here.


* CogniFit * The website provides users with 33 mental games, which have as main goal to help users assess and train their minds, brain and cognitive abilities (brain training). Each game takes places in a different scenario (in the countryside, on the beach, on a road, in a sports court, on the street, with …

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* Survival * This game tells the story of a tough migratory experience with the testimonies and allegorical elements that young people have been adding to the process. In Survival, a journey through the place of origin starts, where the aim of the player is to achieve a better life. On their way, they meet …

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* SEPTEMBER 12th * It is necessary to shoot (or to decide not to shoot) anyone suspected of being an Islamic terrorist. All shots will be likely to kill terrorists, but also innocents. Relatives of innocents killed—the so-called collateral damages—will then become terrorists, and so on and so forth. Players will then kill more terrorists …

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