* Survival *

This game tells the story of a tough migratory experience with the testimonies and allegorical elements that young people have been adding to the process. In Survival, a journey through the place of origin starts, where the aim of the player is to achieve a better life. On their way, they meet a wolf symbolizing the figure of mafias; after a conversation game, the wolf ends up convincing them to pay a sum of money to cross the Mediterranean on a patera boat. The second screen depicts the journey through the Mediterranean on the patera boat, a game of skills and balance, in which the aim is to keep the boat afloat until reaching the destination, at night and in the middle of a storm. Afterwards, the players find themselves on a beach, where they must dodge black gulls symbolizing the coastal surveillance elements.

Later, the player passes onto a transition screen, the field, in which the player must avoid several obstacles representing the problems they have to face, which are originated by the people the player meets on the way. Some of these people will help them, while others won’t. Finally, the player reaches the city where, in order to achieve the desired aim of social inclusion, the player must overcome all their fears, which are symbolized in the final enemy. The game has chosen the character of Aisha Kandisha, which originates in Arab mythology: a woman with lamb legs, who represents the fears and difficulties of migrants. Throughout all the screens of the game, the player is provided with written information about the reality of a tragedy that affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and the experiences that the player is living in the game are similar to the difficulties that these people go through in real life.

More information on the game is available here.