* CogniFit *

The website provides users with 33 mental games, which have as main goal to help users assess and train their minds, brain and cognitive abilities (brain training). Each game takes places in a different scenario (in the countryside, on the beach, on a road, in a sports court, on the street, with geometrical figures on a neutral background, etc.) and has specific objectives.

Each game is presented with a short explanation about its purpose, how it is played (the rules of the game), and which skills are used (for example, hand-eye coordination, recognition, divided attention, spatial perception, visual perception, focused attention, updating, visual scanning, processing speed, planning, visual short-term memory, working memory, short-term memory, estimation, shifting, updating, inhibition, response time, risk avoidance, etc.).

By pressing the Play button, the game opens in a new window (there is a full-screen mode option). The design is visually attractive since it uses Flash images, explanatory texts and background sound.

More information on the game can be found here.