Best practice examples in languages of the project partnership

The project partners have compiled descriptions, technical data and links to some 90 educational games and platforms, which are currently available in 51 languages, number steadily increasing. The common feature is, that all of them deal with either brain training activities, digital or geographical skills improvement, language learning, promotion of (inter)cultural understanding and/or awareness-raising on flight and migration issues. Together they represent a meaningful selection of good examples and their descriptions are available in English on the e-Civeles database:

If a game or platform is available in at least one of the languages of the project partnership, additional descriptions are available in the respective languages. If you are only interested in games and platforms offered in a particular language and would prefer to read the descriptions in that language, please take a look at the national best practice databases listed here:

The availability of external links, the usability of platforms and the playability of games were reviewed last in December 2019. The e-Civeles team cannot guarantee the future usability of the content offered by external providers. This applies in particular to games that require Adobe Flash.