* Against all odds (Contra viento y marea) *

The game places the future player in the role of a refugee in three possible scenarios: “War and conflict”, “In the neighbouring country” and “A new life”. In turn, each of these scenarios presents four challenges that with simple and clear rules must try to solve the problems as if they were a real refugee or migrant.

For example, The Game puts you in the shoes of an X citizen in a Y-country after a coup d’ ├ętat (or war) in which a change of government by force takes place. After being arrested for alleged dissident you are subjected to an interrogation after which (if you do it “well”) you start taking steps to become a refugee or spend the rest of your days in jail (at best).

It encompasses many competencies and has the advantage of being very attractive, simple and multilingual.

More information on the game can be found here.