* Influent *

This video game is aimed at inspiring people around the world to pick up a new language by making vocabulary acquisition and proper pronunciation a fun and rewarding experience without the need for pencils or books. Players explore an interactive 3D environment (a.k.a. the flat of the protagonist) which is filled with hundreds of selectable, collectable objects scattered throughout. Each object has a name, and sometimes even a description or action word attached, allowing players to assemble nouns, adjectives, and verbs into custom vocab lists that can be practised and mastered.

Influent has the following features:

  • Limitless Raid Mode to Time Attack & Fly By (all words at once)
  • Implemented Leitner SRS on Limitless Raid (newest and forgotten words are given first)
  • Gold Lining to bottom bar for words that have already been collected
  • Cloud Save System
  • Added Mandarin Chinese UI (Simplified)
  • Added Mandarin Chinese UI (Traditional)

More information on the software is available here.