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Italian for foreigners

* Italian for foreigners * A Portal of free resources for students and teachers of Italian for foreigners and as a second language. It offers numerous educational activities to develop written and oral comprehension, audio, video and games. More information on the game is available here.


* Duolingo * This is the free science-based language education platform with 300M+ users. As it is hard to stay motivated when learning online, Duolingo puts an emphasis on “Gamification”, with the goal to make language learning as entertaining as playing a game. Duolingo● Apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phones and web browsers● …

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while True: learn()

* while True: learn() * Everyone is speaking about machine learning. Forbes writes that these developers and Data Scientists have incredible salaries, Elon Musk says that they can accidentally create an AI that can enslave humanity. So, what are these people really doing when they come to work? while True: learn() is a simulator of …

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Learn Japanese to survive!

* Learn Japanese to survive! * Playing an RPG while learning to read and write Japanese is impossible? Definitively not when play-learning “Learn Japanese to Survive”. The series consists of three games (old-school RPG maker style) that form an introductory course to the Japanese language! The publisher took “gamification of educational topics” really on a …

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