eng-purpose: Gaining geospatial / geographical competences

Learn tecnology and energy (Aprender Tecnologia e energia)

* Learn tecnology and energy (Aprender Tecnologia e energia) * It’s a didactic videogame that gives us several hours of entertainment and learning about subjects like energy and energetic efficience; alternative energies; how to save energy; daily tecnologies; how energetic devices function; inovation and its importance; introduction to computers and introduction to internet and communication. …

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* SEPTEMBER 12th * It is necessary to shoot (or to decide not to shoot) anyone suspected of being an Islamic terrorist. All shots will be likely to kill terrorists, but also innocents. Relatives of innocents killed—the so-called collateral damages—will then become terrorists, and so on and so forth. Players will then kill more terrorists …

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Free rice 2.0

* Free rice 2.0 * When accessing the website, the user finds a word in English, whose correct meaning has to be chosen among four possible options. In addition to questions on English vocabulary, the user can also play with questions related to other topics, such as geography, art and chemistry (see the selection on …

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* Peak * The games of Peak are designed to push users hard with short, intense workouts designed around their lifes. They can challenge the skills that matter to them most with games that test Focus, Memory, Problem Solving, Mental Agility and more. More information on the game is available here.

Triviador (Honfoglaló)

* Triviador (Honfoglaló) * Triviador is a 3 person quiz game combined with an exciting strategy game. The online battles take place on the map of Hungary to conquer 19 counties. The winner is the one who will gain the most points in the heroic 3 person quiz battles. To gain points you have to …

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* Lumosity * Lumosity is a leading brain training program by Lumos Labs, Inc. Lumosity’s web and mobile games are designed by scientists to challenge core cognitive abilities. Lumosity’s scientists take neuropsychological and cognitive research tasks, or design new ones, and work with game designers to transform them into 50+ cognitive games. Designed to be …

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A day in Venice

* A day in Venice * A classical “search the hidden treasure” game. You can take a look at some famous sights of Venice while searching for hidden objects on the pics. More information on the game are available here.