* Rewire – Virtual Reality Course for Kids with ASD (and their teachers) *

Rewire is a game based VR course to educate kids with ASD. Its goal is to help teachers make the educational process for kids with ASD more effective, engaging and easier. The course was created in cooperation with ABA specialists and offers a large number of learning programs to cover a variety of teaching areas.

The core features of Rewires aim at:

  • addressing core deficits
  • helping to develop social skills
  • helping with generalization
  • learning with fun due to game-based
  • letting the kids learn at their own pace. Each skill is learned slowly and step by step
  • offering an environment that was specially created for kids with ASD
  • easy integration into the learning process
  • enabling teachers to check on the learning progress simultaneously

In order to integrate the game into the learning process, an Oculus Go is needed for the kid, as well as a computer (Windows) or tablet (iOS/Android) for the teacher.

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