* Non-electronical games (as downloadable PDFs) for younger children on the topics of children’s rights, fleeing and integration in Germany. *

“On the run” (for children aged 6 and older).
The aim of the game is for the participants to understand that there are difficult situations where you have to leave behind things that are important to you – especially what it means to have nothing but the clothes you are wearing.

“New start” (for children aged 9 and older)
Every new beginning is hard. Especially when you had to flee your homeland and try to build a new life in a foreign country. There are many hurdles that refugees have to take for a new beginning. This memory wants to draw the attention of older children and adolescents in particular to these obstacles. The aim of the game is to find pairs of terms.

Movement game about escaping (for children aged 6 and older)
Game for indoors or outdoors where the groups first have to find tasks and then have to solve them. The game is suitable for at least two and up to six groups with 2-5 participants each.

“Children’s Rights” Memory (for children approx. aged 8 years and older)
The children have to look for cards that belong together, just like with classic memory cards. However, there are three cards in this memory:
1) The children’s rights in the abridged version
2) An example situation
3) An illustration of the example situation

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