* Next level: Europe – The play of region *

Next Level: Europe offers several EU simulation games free-of-charge, that bring to life the tension between regional interests and the demands of national and European actors.

Teachers and multipliers will find suitable simulation games for their target group (e.g. school classes) on this platform. Currently, the topics “Asylum & Migration” and “Energy & Climate” are available, each on two levels and as short or long versions. After registration, all simulation materials, methodological notes, background information, evaluation forms, etc, can be downloaded completely free of charge. In addition, interactive assistants are available for role allocation and game management. “Next Leve: Europe” can be played in groups of 20 to 50 people.

In the open area of the portal, participants can engage in quiz games and earn so-called “learning badges”. The “information library” contains multimedia offers for beginners, connoisseurs and experts – so you will always find the right information material.

During the simulation, participants can research data and facts about their role. A virtual pinboard – editorially supervised – invites the young participants to an interchange about the EU and the topics asylum & migration and energy & climate.

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