* Memrise – Discover your learning powers *

The game consists of a language learning task (eight languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese or Russian) through different levels (13 in the case of English, for example) using a flashcard system combining several tasks. These are the following: word repetition, listening of words and sentences (through videos), explanation of meanings (also by indicating literal translation of words or lexical units) and creation of sentences that allows participants to practice what was shown in the previous screens. When correct answers to a series of questions are provided, points are added, what allows a user to check at the end if the tests have been passed and if the meaning of the words has been known or mastered. The ultimate goal is to learn five words a day and, to do so, the application tries to motivate users to achieve the goal. The application includes, in the free version, the following sections: Learn more words, Classic review and Quick review. There is also a pro version that includes more contents (i.e., Difficult words, Oral comprehension, Learn with natives, and Chatbots).

More information on the game is available here.