* Learning adventure “German” (Lernabenteuer) *

The main aim is to improve the basic German language skills from level A2. The game is fun and teaches while strengthening the knowledge of the German language. The game uses the classic motives of an adventure game. At various levels, players must contact other characters to help art expert discover the mystery of the Sky Disc. They collect objects and words to reuse them elsewhere.

In dialogues, the players interact with the different characters and actively control the progress of the story. Thus, they enter in the game an everyday simulation space. Here the knowledge in the foreign language German can be applied practically. As with all adventure games, finding and language game elements is an important component, but without the German language as the only effective means of communication, the secret of the sky disc cannot be revealed.
Most of these tasks relate to realistic communication situations, as German learners experience them in everyday life in Germany.

The exciting game action serves as a motivational incentive to take the learning application for smartphones and tablets always in the hand, and so to improve the knowledge in the foreign language German.
Interactive dialogues and mini-games offer fun ways to enhance reading and listening comprehension. In addition, German learners receive basic information on intercultural communication.
– Guides and help are available in the game in German, English and Spanish.
– Comments (remarkable aspects to highlight related this game, technical aspect: browser and/or operating system needed):

  • IPhone
  • Android smartphone
  • IPad
  • Android tablet

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