* Finding home *

The background story of this UNHCR-game was written based on true stories told by Rohingya refugees and the UNHCR workers that deal with their situation on a daily basis.

Finding Home is a mobile application created to tell the story of a refugee girl trying to survive in a foreign land. Told via a simulated mobile operating system, the application uses the typical functions of a smartphone – messages, gallery, phone calls, contacts – to put the user in the shoes of Kathijah, a 16-year-old Rohingya girl, forced to flee her home in Myanmar. Your phone is transformed into her phone, now you have to make the decisions as she struggles every day to try and rebuild her life.

To make the experience as authentic as possible, the story has been written using a combination of interviews with Rohingya refugees and the testimony of UNHCR workers dealing with the situation on a daily basis.

More information is available here.