Extreme Event

* Extreme Event *

This first-person role-playing game definitively is no single-player game. Extreme Event provides the participants with a taste of what it takes, to build community resilience in the face of disaster. Players work together in order to make decisions and to solve problems during an engaging, fast-paced disaster simulation.
What you need to play:

  1. 12-48 PLAYERS
    Adults and teens of age 14+
  2. 1 HOUR free time with your group in one place

Download your own materials or use our ready-to-go game sets
Benefits of Playing:

    Players must work together to solve problems within small and large groups
    Players learn to prioritize resources, build coalitions, and adapt to changing circumstances
    Players practice critical thinking and improve civic literacy related to disaster resilience
    In the course of the game, players must:
    – Prioritize resources
    – Build coalitions
    – Respond to a disaster
    – Assess the impact
    Players begin by selecting a role to play in one of six sectors: households, community groups, businesses, first responders, local and state government, and federal government. As the game gets underway, each sector must decide which resources to invest in to help make their city more resilient.
    Then, a disaster occurs, complete with sound effects and narrative drama! The game becomes more
    intense as players use their resources—and collaborate with each other—to solve challenges in
    neighborhoods around the city.
    Time is short and surprise events occur throughout the game, requiring participants to adapt and reprioritize to help their neighborhoods and the city as a whole. The game ends with a thought-provoking discussion to uncover lessons learned throughout the game.

More information on the software is available here.