* Cloud chaser! *

After the world leaders have screwed up the planet, the nature has turned to dust and stopped feeding its scampish children. The rivers and wells ran dry, endless miles of deserts covered what once was a fruitful land. Francisco and Amelia are father and daughter traversing five deserts on their feet in the hopes of reaching a new Mecca, a city where life in a community is still possible. The wealthy have constructed their new floating cities high in the atmosphere, and their cloud harvesters are scouting the skies, sucking in all the humidity they can find to purify it and produce potable water. The poor are slowly dying – on their fruitless farms, in the caves, in decaying cities and in the deserts, as Francisco and Amelia, trying to find a place to live.

There is no word about how many endings there are in the Cloud Chasers, but apparently, not every ending is happy for Francisco and Amelia when they reach the goal. It’s a hard game of trial and error, and each death is painful when one loses the hard-earned progress.

More information on the game is available here.