* Calvino noir *

Calvino Noir is a stealth game. The main character is a “scrambler”, or spy, who must evade various guards. The player must hide and sneak around to avoid being spotted by enemies or being lit up by their flashlights. He must wander through complex rooms and towers enveloped in shadows that become illuminated when the player journeys through them. The game takes place in 1930s Europe, where the main character delves into the criminal underworld. The game’s narrator narrates every written word of the game.

With stunning visuals relying on architectural realism, this point-and-click adventure game was inspired by the noir genre and the works of 18th-century architect Charles de Wailly. Creator Dan Walters, an architect himself, said that the visuals of the game were most influenced by architectural perspective drawings due to their “diagrammatic, sculptural quality.”

More information on the game is available here.