* A refugee’s journey *

In this online simulation, we are put in the role of someone, who lives in Raqqa, Daesh’s [ISIS] headquarters. Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, France has increased its already frequent airstrikes on the city- hitting what’s left of the civilian infrastructure. Daesh has responded by fortifying Raqqa; reportedly shutting off the internet, ramping up conscription efforts and building a network of tunnels and bunkers in wait for a potential siege. You can decide to stay or flee.

The simulation offers insight into the decisions, that had to be taken when your place of residence becomes a war zone. Each decision is accompanied by information on the country’s refugee policy and the latest reports about the situation. Before each decision, game faces you with the possible risks, and when your decision is made, you have to face the new problems that the decision has brought.

More information on the game is available here.