* Atu is on the run *

The browser game “Atu is on the run” is recommended for children nine years and older.

Embark on an exciting journey to an African refugee camp and find out how the children live there and why they had to flee.

As most of the conversation in this game is spoken (without subtitles), you need to turn on your speakers to play this game properly.

The browser game deals with the escape-story of an African boy – no easy topic. Many children who had to flee have experienced cruel things. Even though the online game is sensitive to the subject, a burning house and armed men appear. Therefore it is recommend that you talk to the children afterwards about what you have experienced.

A film by the reporter Willi Weitzel about a refugee camp in Malawi, Africa, the escape story of the girl Linda from the Congo and many accompanying educational materials can be found on the website: www.sternsinger.de.

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