* 1000 days of Syria *

1000 Days of Syria is a text-based historical fiction game that timelines the first 1000 days of the Syrian uprising through interactive narratives. From the start of the opposition protests on March 15th, 2011 to the dismantling of Assad’s chemical stockpile on December 9th, 2013, 1000 Days of Syria seeks to illuminate the smaller stories of civil conflict.

It is important to know that as you navigate the nearly three-year chronology of the conflict, you will be asked to make decisions based on political, emotional, and economical climate. Many times, much like real life, there will not be perfect solutions to these complexities.

Options in gameplay:
Although the characters here are fictional, their predicaments are very much real. The personalities and scenarios you will encounter have roots in the true accounts of those Syrians fortunate enough to tell them.

  • THE FAMILY: a mother of two living in Daraa
  • THE FIGHTER: a rebel youth living in Aleppo
  • THE FOREIGNER: an American journalist based in Beirut

The text-based game was part of the official selection of:
– “Meaningful Play Conference 2014” and
– “Indie Prize Showcase USA” in 2014.

More information is available here.