* Trivia * The main goal of the game is to answer the highest number of questions, having a máximum of 20 questions in the first phase. You Access the second phase if you answer correctly at least one question of each category. There are six categories: sport and leisure, science, history, geography, art and

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Play Fatima

Play Fatima The fourth secret was delivered in a Portuguese videogame. The word of God:«In 1927 a group of Sheppard was guarding dangerous sheep. Their code names were Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco. Suddenly an event that would shake the structure of the universe as we know it… comes an exhonourable entity that requests constant devotion…

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Learn tecnology and energy (Aprender Tecnologia e energia)

* Learn tecnology and energy (Aprender Tecnologia e energia) * It’s a didactic videogame that gives us several hours of entertainment and learning about subjects like energy and energetic efficience; alternative energies; how to save energy; daily tecnologies; how energetic devices function; inovation and its importance; introduction to computers and introduction to internet and communication.

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